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C4 Trail between Marilla Powerlines and S45C in Strykersville is Open Again!

posted Feb 14, 2015, 1:35 PM by Admin Account

We're very happy to report that C4 between Marilla's powerlines and Strykersville is now re-opened. A reroute has been performed that requires about 500 yds of road riding. A long term solution is shaping up but just not possible with 4 ft. of snow on the ground. The entire trail has been passed with simply the pulling unit to pack down the trail again. We'll need some sleds to pass through and pack it down further before we can fully groom it. Trail is posted as limited, but passable and quite smooth.

All other trails are in good to excellent condition, but it's expected that the fields will become windblown.

Simply not being able to follow the rules caused 5 guys 6 hrs of trudging through 4 ft. deep snow to reroute. Also countless hours of phone and internet time exploring reroute options, and it strained relationships between us and the community of landowners who so graciously allow us to use their PRIVATE property. Please respect this reroute and STAY ON THE TRAIL. Limit your speed to 15 MPH on the road at all spots required throughout our trail system and WNY!

Big thanks to the crew!

Ride safe and stay warm!!!