Our club membership fee is only 30$ for both individual and family memberships. When you join a club the proceeds go directly to the support and maintenance of the club's trail system. You also receive a voucher which will save you money when you register your snowmobile with the NYS DMV.

Many snowmobile trails are maintained by active club volunteers who work with private land owners to create and maintain trails. Our club does not require that you are an active participant, but we certainly welcome any volunteer work that you may wish to offer. You can also simply join to save on your NYS DMV registration using one of the 3 options outlined below. 

Join Online
Joining online is the fastest way to receive your Holland Sno-Rascals membership. If you have a color printer, you can join and print your club voucher immediately.

* Please have your Visa or MasterCard handy and join online through the New York State Snowmobile Associations site. Make sure to print out your registration voucher in color and take it to the DMV when you register your snowmobiles.

Download a Membership Form

View or Download and print the pdf form.

Print this page and send to:
Holland Sno-Rascals,
P.O. Box 329,
Holland, NY 14080

* Remember to enclose your check for $30.00 payable to The Holland Sno-Rascals.

Print a membership form at one of our local locations

The New York State Snowmobile Association is no longer allowing any clubs to provide forms at physical locations. We're currently working on an option to install a computer or kiosk at our local bar/restaurant locations, so that you can sign up and print immediately if you do no have a computer with color printer at home. 

You can no longer pick up forms in person. Read more about it in this document released by NYSSA.

8082 Olean Rd. (Rt 16)
Holland, NY 14080